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Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby! Why Prenatal therapy is important.

If you’re expecting, we at Restore353 congratulate you! Pregnancy is an eye opening, exciting chapter of life. However, with it can come various pains and discomforts, mental stress, and other complications. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, chances are that you’re looking for help. You’ve come to the right place!

Our therapists here at Restore353 emphasize the need to be active throughout your pregnancy. Due to the changes that your body undergoes during this time, you may have to tweak your current workout routine, or construct for yourself a totally new one. If you aren’t very active though, this may seem like a chore, and you may find yourself asking:

Why is prenatal therapy so important?

Studies have shown that staying active throughout pregnancy as well as the implementation of therapies has contributed to many positive effects. Lets take massage therapy for an example. Massage therapy has been shown to aid greatly in decreasing stress, improving your posture, blood circulation, back relief, helps alleviate and treat conditions such as Sciatica, SI joint dysfunction, and can even reduce depression during and after pregnancy.

Another form of exercise/therapy recommended is Pilates. Pilates is a low impact exercise that helps strengthen and lengthen the muscles in the body needed the most during pregnancy, such as pelvic muscles. It promotes muscle tone, strength and endurance, improves mood, increases energy, reduces back pain, bloating, swelling and other discomforts, and the list goes on. Yoga also boasts similar effects!

But these are just benefits for mom! What about baby?

The fetus has been shown to benefit from as well. Studies have shown increased blood circulation, healthy tissue, and the development of flexible joints and muscles.

This wide range of benefits to both mommy and baby aids through the different stages of pregnancy, making it smoother and less painful, prepares for a healthy childbirth, and contributes to your overall health going into the postpartum period.

The Restore353 our team of yoga instructors, pilates instructors, physical therapists, and massage therapists are ready to help guide and support you throughout your pregnancy. Wether it be baby number one or baby number 5, rest assured that you and your child are in good hands!