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Relaxation the Restore353 Way!

Working hard, or hardly working? Here at Restore 353 we believe in relaxation, work as hard as you play.

What are some ways you can relax? With so many options, it can be a job in itself trying to find something to do on your time off. Worry not, we have the solution. Here are our top 5 ways to relax, as taught by the Restore 353 Team of experts!

  1. Yoga

Not only do our yoga instructors teach yoga, they also love to enjoy attending various yoga sessions throughout the city. Why? Yoga is actually an amazing way to relax the body, clear your mind and decrease your stress levels. Our recommendation: try a Cat/Cow Pose. Don’t know what that is? Check out our Instagram, where one of our awesome yoga instructors will teach you how!

2. Take a Zero Gravity Nap

Wait, what? Well, have you ever wanted to get more out of less sleep time? Have you ever been too anxious to fall asleep? Our massage therapists, the relaxation “pros”, love this technique. Here’s what you do: First, get ready for bed, or a nap. Lie down on the floor with your legs up and knees bent on a couch, chair, or duvet. Next, take 15 minutes to meditate. Make sure you are completely relaxed, and breathe. Transport yourself to your favorite place in the world. Abandoned library? Sure! The beach on a warm summer day? Cool! Your own private cruise ship? If you have one! Your bed..? Well, you’ll be there in 30 seconds! After your 15 minutes are done, head straight to bed, you only have 30 seconds for this technique to have maximum benefits. Studies have shown this technique to lengthen the duration of REM sleep as well as reduce swelling, relax sore muscles, and improve heart health.

3. Dancing

Before a zero gravity nap you might want to work up a sweat! Letting your body to relax to a rhythm releases endorphins, a chemical that improves mood and reduces stress. What better way to do that than joining a dance class? Nervous about joining a class? Just turn on the music and jam on your own or with your friends. Dancing is a favorite for many of our Pilates instructors, with some being professional dancers themselves!

4. Stretching

A great way to learn to stretch on your own, is to check out our Instagram where you can learn stretches such as: Standing Roll Down, Stretching on the Course, and much more. Want some examples? Check it out here:

Need a little more guidance? Catch us on Wednesdays for some restorative yoga, or Saturdays for prenatal pilates (for those of you who are expecting!) (congratulations!).

5. Reading

Ah, yes. The good ol’ book. A classic way to relax, well tried and tested. At a loss for what to read? We have a whole blog waiting for you! :)

Well thats our work for today.. off to relax! Maybe we’ll try number 2..

Restore 353 Team

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