Restore353 is simply HEAVEN for me! I discovered this place in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and wish I knew about it earlier. I have been a regular patron for their prenatal massage, prenatal pilates and prenatal yoga and I could not have asked for an easier pregnancy. I am two weeks postpartum and I am back already for postpartum massage to help me recover. Oh, and what can I say about their staff! The best people on earth—hands down. The staff are always smiling and willing to help. I don’t know how I would have delivered this baby without Restore353! You guys are simply the BEST!”
— A. Patel

“I came to Restore353 with an immobilizing lower back pain after a trauma I endured during a yoga exercise in November 2014. Because of the great pain I had, I was unable to stand straight and had to walk in small, wobbling steps. I could not sit or lay down without feeling pain. The staff at Restore353 started my therapy with physical treatment, and after a series of sessions, neuromuscular reconditioning and muscle strengthening exercises were added to my therapy. After four months of regular therapy, I was able to start doing the exercises they showed at home as well. During the therapy, they discovered that I had a long standing hip misalignment and provided specific therapy and exercises to correct this problem. I am now much better compared to the time I started the therapy. Although the hip-related issues continue to give me lower back pain, if I spend too much time standing or sitting in the same place, I am very satisfied with the therapy I have been receiving as well as the warmth and professionalism of the staff at Restore353.” — Verda


I have been going to Restore 353 for the past almost 2 years. I am extremely happy with the results, the positive energy of everyone that I have worked with. The past 9 months I have been doing also the prenatal massages and it has worked miracles for my growing belly, aching back, swollen legs ,and neck pain. The process of making appointments, getting text message reminders for my upcoming appointments, rescheduling, billing ,etc., has been extremely easy because of the staff's professionalism. The place is clean and they have accommodated all my needs before and throughout my pregnancy. The atmosphere is positive, vibrant and fun. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs professional yet warm and welcoming therapy. — N.S

“Dr. Ebbro and his wonderful team helped me avoid a very invasive neck surgery most of the other doctors had recommended. They put me on a natural path to recovery and I can never be grateful enough for what they’ve done for me.”— N.T.


“The massage therapy always makes a world of difference, especially to the tightness and pain around the neck and shoulder areas-not to mention the lower back. Thanks for the healing!”— O.A.


“Restore353 is the perfect place to relax, to heal, to prevent and take care of mind and body! Excellent care by an excellent team. I am so grateful to you all—TEAM RESTORE353! Thank you!” — M.S.

"The prenatal program was amazing and really helped me through the discomfort of the last months of pregnancy.  Sarah and Aimee were wonderful and were a great help to prepare my body for delivery!" —N.C.


“I came to Restore353 and my life changed. Seriously, I had constant pain, I had lost self-confidence and was feeling miserable all the time. With the help of first, Dr. Ebbro, and then yoga sessions with Jessica and Pilates with Aimee ( and I should not forget Sarah especially at times of crisis when you have a painful spasm). My pain diminished and then disappeared. I gained my strength and self-confidence. I’ve referred many friends and all are very happy with their treatments.”

— Nuriye O.

“Extraordinary. Sarah is the best.”

— Miriam L

“My posture has improved greatly! My back feels great. Sarah is the best.” — Mr. M.


“I ran the 2014 NYC Marathon. In preperation for it, I came to Restore353 for therapy and received very good running tips which helped me survive the race. After the marathon, therapy at Restore353 truly helped with pain control. All services help me live and work better. I am still currently doing therapy to prepare for the 2015 NYC Marathon.”

— Martina

“With chronic back pain, carrying a baby was painful. However, with Sarah’s help, I was able to continue working until my delivery date. I continue seeing her almost a year past delivery. She’s my lifeline.” — M.G.

“The therapists at Restore353 are simply wonderful. In addition to being highly qualified and professional, they are very warm and friendly group. You feel at home and get results!” — Ziad

“I have been in clinic several times and observed the staff to be helpful, friendly, and courteous!  Dr. Ebbro is a very good doctor, I’ve been seeing him on and off for I believe 10 years. Professional, patient and knowledgeable of his craft. ”

— Miriam A.

“Experience at Restore353 is great. All other doctors wanted me to have surgery on my rotator cuff. I couldn’t move my arm, and with their persistence I have full mobility. Great staff, friendly, patient and very concerned with my needs. ”

— Thanks again, Rich R.

“Thank you for helping me ‘keep going.’ Love you guys!” — Maria J.

“I came to NYC on a holiday and before I arrived my sciatica started acting up. I Googled NYC best prenatal massage & Restore353 came up. I liked what I read on their website. I was booked in with Sarah, who is nothing but amazing. She is knowledgeable and nice with the strongest hands ever. I would recommend Sarah and the team at Restore353. ” — Simi

“The services provided are excellent and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

— Sophie S.