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Managing your Migraine

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve probably suffered from a migraine at least once in your life. You might be familiar with the throbbing, squeezing pain that commonly forms around your temples, forehead, or parietal region. Finding relief comes in a variety or forms, but unfortunately, many of them short lived.

Living in a world where 1 billion are affected by this condition worldwide, we strive to offer some relief. At Restore353, we turn to a holistic approach in helping treat even chronic migraines. Research has shown that regular therapy sessions can decrease their severity and even frequency, most popular being massage therapy. But why the hype?

For one, massage targets two of the main causes of migraines: stress and tension. This form of therapy also improves blood flow, relaxes the muscles in the face, neck, head, and shoulders, resulting in less pressure on nerves and blood vessels. This can reduce the frequency of migraines as well as its related symptoms, sleep disturbances, and other distresses. There are a variety of massage techniques used to treat migraines, a few of them being cold stone massage, trigger point therapy, shiatsu, and Swedish deep tissue. All of these are excellent alternatives to alleviate your pain, without the side effects of medication.

The Restore353 team is dedicated to helping your mind and body reach its full potential. Schedule your appointment today and start experiencing the benefits of massage therapy!