At Restore353, we offer a variety of pilates classes to suit our patient’s needs. We incorporate one-on-one private sessions into all of our patients treatment plans to help their bodies move, develop body awareness, and regain their strength from injury or ailment.

We believe in tailoring each session to the individual so they can feel the full benefits of exercise and regain their confidence again.

PIlates for Rehabilitation

In a rehabilitation context, Pilates exercises can be modified for the particular needs of a patient at all levels of treatment. This can help avoid further injury during sessions and focus on rehabilitating the areas that need more specific attention. During rehabilitative sessions with Pilates exercise, the emphasis is placed on understanding the proper mechanics of movement—the how’s and why’s of moving correctly. With the proper understanding of how we move and how we can move more efficiently, we can re-educate our body into healthy movement patterns. This can lead to less injury in our normal daily activities and prevent more serious problems in the future.