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Ergonomics: Standing Chairs

Photo credit: The Boston Globe

Photo credit: The Boston Globe

Over recent years, standing work chairs have rose in popularity, as studies have shown staying sedentary for too long can cause various health issues. Standing chairs or active desks (e.g. treadmills) have proven to increase heart rate, promote “good” cholesterol, influence weight loss, and both energize and lift your mood. Though there are many benefits to standing chairs and alternative work station environments, one should always be cognizant of proper posture. 

It’s common for us to be uncertain of proper posture, because it is seldom taught in grade school. The key is to train your body to have proper posture in order to prevent future injuries. When working at a standing station for long hours, it is important to recognize the balance of weight distribution as an imbalance of weight can cause ankles, knees, hips and lower backs problems.

Core strengthening to hold good posture is highly recommended. Additionally, massage therapy will help with muscle relief and increase circulation, discouraging pinching of nerves.

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