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The Fruits of Spring!

To welcome the season of cherry blossoms, chirping birds,  flowers, and expressions of love, we have decided to also bring something new to love into the mix. Usually when people imagine enjoying delicious treats during the springtime, they think of plain fruits such as blueberries and strawberries. They don’t even bother to think outside the flower-lined box to all the new delicious confectionary creations that comes with this wonderful season. Try considering three creations made from some lesser-known but just as amazing spring fruits called passion fruit, blood oranges, and dragon fruit.  

Passion fruit is a tropical fruit that is rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Both the inside of the fruit and its peel is said to have amazing beneficial effects on the body. One of which includes possible anti-inflammatory reactions, which could help those with asthma and osteoarthritis. Both of these diseases lead to inflammation in either our airway or joints. Those with latex allergies should keep in mind that some of the proteins within passion fruit are similar in structure to those found within latex, and may set off an allergic reaction. Overall, the gains from this delectable treat can be counting as a major win.

So what would be the best way to enjoy such a sweet treat?! Well, one such way would be to enjoy a passion fruit ice-cream pie with a ginger crust. A simple treat, which only involves blending gingersnaps, pineapple, candied ginger, passion fruit, and Dulce de leche into a sauce. This mixture is generously drizzled onto the vanilla ice-cream atop a chilled pie crust. For extra flavor, sweeter ingredients like cinnamon and sugar can be mixed into the drizzle, and vanilla ice-cream can be swapped out for your favorite flavor.

  The second fruit of the season, Blood Oranges are an ominous sounding creation, yet no less delectable than our previous contender.  Smaller in size than regular oranges, they are generally characterized by their inside coloring which ranges from dark pink to maroon to even dark blood red. Their red color is usually the result of anthocyanin - an anti-oxidant which develops within the fruit as they begin to ripen as the days become warm but the nights are still quite cool. Since on the outside they look similar to other types of oranges, the best way to see if you are actually buying a blood orange is to test its weight. They are usually heavier than their normal counterparts.

    Eating blood oranges by themselves can be quite tasty since they are said to have a raspberry edge to their flavor. However, one major recommendation that we have is to use blood oranges in a cake also known as: a blood orange yogurt cake. This is another simple recipe that involves juicing blood oranges together with yogurt for a frosting glaze and mixing some juiced oranges into the regular loaf cake batter. The goal is for the cake to end up being a little more airy as compared to a pound cake. For different varieties, you can change up the yogurt flavors.

    Finally, the last fruit of the season that we will be introducing is the Dragon Fruit - a fruit that is native to Mexico and South America, and grows on a cactus. The two most common types have red skin and green scales, thus earning the fruit its infamous name. In terms of taste, it is said to be a mix between kiwi and pear. it is also very good in terms of health, since it contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals. even though nothing definite has been proven, there are also studies that have shown that the fruit also can improve insulin resistance, liver fat, and overall heart health.

    One can also enjoy this fruit in our last springtime delight, better known as Pink Dragon Fruit Soda - a simple drink which merges lime juice, soda water and dragon fruit into a sweet concoction that lacks all the artificial ingredients of real soda. Its pink color also matches perfectly with the season, while its striking palatableness goes well with the previous deserts mentioned.

    All three deserts and fruits can help get into the springtime spirit with new flavors and possibly, even a great excuse to have a stay in brunch with friends and family.  

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