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Two Yoga Exercises That Can Soothe Tendonitis


If you are suffering from Tendonitis, chances are that you developed it from overuse or misuse of a joint (normally the hands, wrists, or elbows - also known as "tennis elbow.") Tendonitis is the inflammation of tendons, which are very strong tissues that have the tendency to tear slightly if stress is repeatedly placed on a joint. Don't worry- these little tissue rips that cause the pain and discomfort you feel heal with time, provided you don't repeat the action that gave you the Tendonitis in the first place. 

Below I have outlined two yoga exercises which are known to alleviate the pain that Tendonitis brings , and to prompt recovery. First, it is important to note that weight bearing exercise is not a great idea when your tendons are inflamed because it can place further stress on the aggravated joints and extenuate your Tendonitis. That being said, if you choose to attend a standard group yoga class while you have Tendonitis, make sure you know the proper modifications to do to keep you off of your hands. Yes, that means no downward facing dog, (alternative: child's pose) no upward facing dog, (alternative: baby cobra with no weight in your palms) and no plank (alternative: forearm plank). And of course... NO ARM BALANCES! However, light exercise and stretching can promote healing. 

1. Outstretched Arms

Start in a seated position. Bend your elbows against your sides so that your elbows are next to your waist and flex your palms outwards so they face away from you. Make sure your hands are engaged; think "jazz hands." Take an inhale here, then as you exhale, begin pressing your hands away from your body and extend your arms out to the sides, palms still flexed as though you have each hand pressed against a wall which you're pushing away from you (Fingertips will be facing the ceiling). Inhale. As you exhale, keep arms very active, then keeping your arms engaged, begin to pull your elbows back to your sides. 

This is a stretch and a light strengthener. Move very slowly, and repeat 5-8 times. 


2. Overhead Stretch

Start in a comfortable seated position, or standing. Weave your fingers together, inhale, then exhale as you press your palms away from you. On your inhale, lift your arms above your head so that your woven palms face straight up. 

Engage your core by drawing belly button to spine to grow taller through your torso and gain a deeper stretch. You're looking to open the hands, wrists and forearms. Stay here with palms lifted for 3-5 inhales and exhales. 

To release, un-weave your palms and float your arms down on an exhalation.