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Yoga on the Beach

What could be better than a relaxing day at the beach?  Easy!  A relaxing day on the beach with yoga!  When I am lucky enough to have the sand between my toes,  I know exactly what poses I am going to practice.  I’m going to take advantage of the soft ground beneath me and practice my forearm and handstands!  Kicking into an arm balance in class or in my apartment is sometimes scary.  The proximity of other students or furniture can certainly hold me back from really going for it, but with a wide open, pillowy beach as my yoga mat,  there’s no fear!

My tip for pinchamayurasana or forearm stand is to press down through your fingertips and take your gaze forward.  Allow your spine to backbend slightly, and support your lower back by drawing in your abdominals.

When practicing handstand, begin in down dog, lift one leg, bend the other leg and take some kicks.  Keep the lifted leg super straight, and don’t over think it.  Imagine you are weightless and play!

I also find warm sand to be an absolutely lovely place to practice some of my favorite reclined and seated postures.  Just lay out a beach towel or yoga mat so you don’t burn your hiney!

Nothing feels quite as good to me as a reclined twist.  It feels so nice for the spine and is wonderful to regulate digestion.  

How about a hip opening forward fold like baddha konasana?  Bring the soles of your feet together and hinge forward with a long spine.  When you cannot fold forward anymore, allow your spine to round gently and your head to soften toward your toes. 

Don’t forget to take a nice long savasana while listening to the waves.  Heaven.