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Pregnancy and Lower Back Pain

It’s no secret that a growing belly can put an enormous strain on the lower back, but with a little postural awareness and some healing yoga poses, you can get some sweet relief.  I tell my pregnant clients all the time to lengthen their tailbones!  This simple action helps us avoid further arching of the lower back which will spare you a lot of pain, believe me!   Keep this in mind when practicing standing postures like warrior II and vrksasana or tree pose. 

And there’s nothing like a nice long child’s pose to ease the back on the painful days.  

Legs up the wall pose or vipareeti karani is very healing for the lower back. Remember to have your hips resting on the floor or folded blanket, and if you are 20 weeks or further along, place pillows under your back so you are not laying flat.  

Although pregnancy can come with its fair share of pain, remember ladies that we are designed to do this!  And the pay off is so great!