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Meditation and Motherhood

Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging endeavor of my life.  When my son smiles,  I feel as though my heart could burst, and when he cries unconsolably, I feel like my brain is slowly melting and seeping through my ears.  My meditation practice is what helps me stay sane through the ups and downs of motherhood.  Ten minutes a day (usually while my baby naps), I sit down to quiet my mind, and some days, these ten minutes feel like a vacation.  We can learn a lot from our infants because they are always present.  They don’t have a past that torments them or a future that makes them anxious; they live in the moment.  Meditation is our way as adults to recapture that pure, present state of mind that we had as children.  My tips for mediation are to sit comfortably (don’t be too rigid with your posture), smile softly, and put zero pressure on yourself…there’s no wrong way to meditate.