Many women, at some point in their pregnancy, will experience some type of pain or discomfort due to the changes their bodies undergo. At Restore353 we have created pre and post natal therapy programs, with the goal of providing our expecting and new mothers, uniquely individualized experiences, tailored to their specific needs.We have incorporated the benefits of yoga, massage and Pilates therapies (supervised by doctors and physical therapists) and combined them together to help relieve the physical and mental stresses to the body resulting in a less painful and more relaxing, healthy experience.  

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A combination of PreNatal Pilates, Yoga and Massage is an ideal way for the expecting mother to maintain a healthy and happy pregnancy. Our pre-natal exercises are based on the needs of each mother to help her stay healthy, and free of aches and pains during each stage of pregnancy.

Pre-Natal/Post Natal therapies provided by Restore353:

  • Yoga 
    • Practicing yoga during pregnancy fosters a deeper connection from mother to child, and mother to herself. Approaching each phase of pregnancy from a foundation of self-compassion and understanding, you will embrace your changing body through challenging, muscle-toning poses, and through relaxing into deep hip and pelvic openers.
  • Pilates
    • Adaptable to each trimester, PreNatal Pilates can help build strength, balance and stamina, while helping you to have an easier labor. It aids in better: breath control; lessens muscle and skeletal imbalances; and aids in quicker childbirth recovery. PreNatal Pilates specifically works to increase: strength and endurance for postural muscles; pelvic stability and alignment; abdominal and pelvic floor endurance and overall balance and stability.
  • Massage Therapy

    • Regular prenatal massage aids in the reduction of stress hormones leading to mood regulation and improved cardiovascular health.  It can reduce swelling of the joints and sciatic nerve pain, by addressing tense and swollen muscles in the hips, hamstrings and calves.


 Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

  • Improved posture and appearance
  • Relief of back pain
  • Stronger muscles in preparation for labor and support for loosened joints
  • Improved circulation
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased/maintained aerobic endurance
  • Increased energy level and less fatigue
  • Decreased muscle tension that promotes relaxation


Finding a balance between activity and sleep will still be challenging but once cleared for exercise, adding a regular postnatal exercise program will help to provide you the energy and stamina needed to keep up with your growing child.  PostNatal Pilates is a safe way to re-gain strength and stamina for pelvic floor, core and upper back muscles. PostNatal yoga is a process of restructuring and restabilizing, and taking safe steps back into your physical practices, yoga and beyond. PostNatal massages can aid the new mother with regulating stress hormones, relieving the pain of overworked neck, shoulder and arm muscles from holding and feeding a newborn, and reduce swelling in fluid-retaining structures. 

For frequently asked Post-Natal Care questions:

Pre & Post-Natal Incontinence

Women often complain of leakage when coughing, laughing and jumping post pregnancy. This is due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. These muscles need to be conditioned just as any other muscle in the body. Please see below a combination of exercises that train both the pelvic floor and the core muscles, help to stabilize the pelvis, can help strengthen the pelvic floor, alleviating the symptoms:

  • Kegels
  • Pelvic Tilts
  • Articulating Bridges
  • Seated on a physioball - pelvic rocking, pelvic clocks, balancing exercises such as alternating knee lift
  • Quadruped-knee hover
  • Standing squats using physioball against the wall

Benefits of Postpartum Exercises

  • Aids in the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor
  • Strengthens the abdominal and spinal muscles
  • Provides an avenue for the body to regain strength and energy
  • Aids in recovery from rectus diastasis (abdominal muscle separation)
  • Provides training for proper mechanics required for baby care
  • Retrains the muscles to recover from the changes experienced during pregnancy

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 Prenatal pilates

Prenatal pilates