Physical Therapy


What is Physical Therapy?

Restore, by definition, is to bring back or to repair or renovated (a building, art work, vehicle, etc.) so as to return to its original condition. In Physical Therapy practice, we believe that to restore a patient is to be able to provide a treatment that aims to bring a patient (that has sustained an injury or has a condition that limits them physically) back to their original condition or very close to their original condition. From a 3-month-old baby to an elderly individual, physical therapy helps patient’s to develop or increase their mobility and strength, while utilizing various modalities, manual techniques, condition/injury-specific exercises, and education as to what activities to avoid or increase.

Simple and pain-free exercises are introduced and given to the patient to perform in the Restore353 office. As the patient continues to feel less pain, exercise progresses until the patient achieves the goals set in the visit. Proper diagnostic tools like X-rays and MRIs should be considered in situations if there is any doubt regarding the patient’s diagnosis.


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