Exercise Classes

Stability Ball Pilates

This class incorporates the stability ball through beginning  and intermediate Pilates exercises. The emphasis will be on overall healthy biomechanics of the joints, posture and alignment, and strength and endurance of the muscles, while navigating the challenge of weight and instability provided by the ball.


Pre/Post Natal Pilates

This class is specifically designed for pre/post-natal moms before, during, and after pregnancy. This is a basic Pilates mat class that utilizes pregnancy-modified exercises, along with various props, to build strength and stamina, and increase stability and mobility, while giving you a well-rounded class that focuses on general posture, alignment and breath.


Pre/Post Natal Yoga

This class is specifically designed for pre/post-natal moms before, during, and after pregnancy. It is an energizing, gentle class, modified for pregnancy, that emphasizes stability, flexibility and relaxation. It is an excellent preparation for birthing through breath, body and mind awareness.

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Restorative Yoga

A gentle, healing class designed to release deep layers of tension. A combination of props and hands-on adjustments are used in poses held for 10 minutes or longer, allowing the nervous system to relax and the cells to regenerate. Open to all levels and great for those recovering from illness or injury.

Boot(y) Camp

This is a fun and challenging class that focuses on the lower extremity. Exercises will focus on building strength, endurance and stability in the hip, butt, thighs and legs.  

Bollywood Cardio

Bollywood Cardio is a Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that combines Bollywood choreography with the music from popular films. The dance-cardio workout combines high and low-intensity dance sequences to get you moving, sweating, and feeling good.  We blend the infectious energy and movements of Bollywood with the intensity of a cardio workout to provide a fun, but rigorous class! Our program has been created by dancers and certified fitness professionals to ensure a safe and effective total body dance workout for all.

Latin Cardio

Incorporating the latin beat with the workout of a cardio class, our Latin Cardio will get you ready for the weekend!  Given every Friday at 2PM, it's a great way to get your energy up (and your Corazon too).  Combining low and high impact aerobics and dance moves, this class will stimulate your heart and passion for dance!  The instructor is both a dancer and certified exercise instructor.

Sessions will be followed by a small Salsa party!!

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